Dundalk Youth Centre provide a creative Youth Service for young people 12-18 in Dundalk including a purpose built Youth Café, a programme of Art and Music workshops and a counseling and therapy service. We are identified as a Type 3 Youth Cafe as defined by the Department of Children and Youth Affairs (Youth Café Toolkit).

Through these services we anticipate the following outcomes:

  • Increase in Self Esteem
  • Reduction in Self harm
  • Reduction in Drug use
  • Increased Positive behaviour
  • Decrease in incidents of violence
  • Increased Family Harmony
  • Build new skills and interests
  • Potential for reengagement in Education initiatives
  • Reengagement with community initiatives

Here in the Dundalk Youth Centre we work closely with Health Professionals, Schools, Youth Workers and Families to ensure the best possible service for young people who need it most.

Our drop in Youth Café provides a place where all young people can feel welcome and have a place to relax and meet young people their own age. This is crucial as young people are becoming more and more isolated and resorting to the internet and social media for their social interaction

To ensure we make the most of scarce resources we work in partnership with a Young People’s Committee and with the Youth Cafe Interagency Committee that has members from all key youth service providers in the Dundalk.






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